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E - Bulletin

Harborlight Church

Whats's Happening

Get into the game

November Preaching Series

Sundays at 9am and 11am services

Imagine what it would look like for members of a sports team sitting in the stands in their full gear and watching the game being played? What a sight! Players belong on the field!

Likewise Christians belong in the field! We are not designed to be spectators but participators! This series challenges us to step out and play the game to win others to Christ. Let’s be part of this winning team!


5 Nov – Get Off The Sidelines
12 Nov – This Is A Team Sport
19 Nov – Play The Game
26 Nov – It’s Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

Let There Be Light

Christmas Services

23, 24 December 2017

Details coming soon!


In September, three of our members were water baptised and shared their powerful testimonies.
Let’s be encouraged and continue to spread God’s kingdom.

I was from a Buddhist background. I came to know Christ in 1999 but did not attend church
until 2015.
My son and I came to know Harbourlight Church through the Royal Ranger programme and
we have been attending the church since then.  I find the weekly sermon very engaging as
the pastors shared God’s words & their life experiences. God is transforming my life slowly
but surely.
I want to thank the Lord for being my provider.  He never fails to provide for my family and in
every situation.  It was through God’s blessings that my two daughters (who are currently
working overseas), received scholarship for their tertiary education which would otherwise
place a great financial burden on me.
He is also our protector. As a parent, I often worry over my children’s safety and
wellbeing.  However, knowing that God undertakes everything has given me a peace of
Today, I want to take the step of faith to go through water baptism as I am certain that I will
be drawn closer to God as Jesus is the leader of my life. I want to love & serve Him
Lastly, I thank the leaders and brothers/sisters of Macpherson iGroup for their support and
for standing by me.
Glory to God!

- Diana ,

My family first came to Harborlight Church because of the Royal Rangers program but the
mere visits turned into something deeper.  My children liked/enjoyed the Royal Ranger
program very much while my wife, Jane and I were ministered by Pastors Gerry’s, Kenny’s
and Derek’s sermons and touched by the testimonies from Sister Fatih, Jovina and the
iGroup members.
As a Catholic, I was baptised through sprinkling of water at birth but I decided to go through
water baptism for the following reasons:
1.       Follow what Jesus did.  John 3:5 said “very truly I tell you, no one can enter the
Kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the spirit”.
2.       To show my family and my daughter, Aaralyn, my commitment
3.       To be “grafted” in with the people at Harborlight Church. (“Grafting” is the art of
joining parts together to unite and continue their growth as one plant, cell or group).
I see baptism as an action of faith in my new Christian journey.  So ladies and gentlemen
who are now my brothers and sisters, please give, guide and “graft” my family and I to be
rooted in this community and church.

- William ,

I was always frustrated and angry that I am not achieving more in life and envying others for
their achievements. Thinking that I was just unlucky, I was always worrying about things and
striving to pursue the next success.
I came to know Harborlight from the PIC’Out event in 2016 and was delighted with the
warmth of the whole community. During the Easter service this year, Pastor Derek preached
a very strong message on finding Peace through God and it touches me. I knew then that
God has a purpose for me in this world and through His will, I have a bigger purpose than
seeking material goals in life. The only way to find peace in life is through the words of God. I
would like to quote Philippians 4:6 - ” Do not be anxious about anything, but in every
situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God”. Amen.
With the presence of my family, friends, brothers & sisters in Christ, I want to be water
baptised to follow the example of Christ!

- Michael ,