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E - Bulletin

Harborlight Church

Whats's Happening

I Love My Church

July Preaching Series

Come and join us on our preaching series in July titled I Love my Church! Throughout the month we will be hearing about the purpose and vision of our Church from a group of homegrown young adult preachers, so be there and bring a friend along too!

Kampong Street 52

National Day Event

10am - 12pm
9 August 2017

This August we are celebrating National Day by reliving some good ol’ days. Kampong Street 52 is a carnival-style affair where there will be game stalls, children’s corner and light refreshments. Sign up with your iGroup leaders or with this google form and see you there!


Pasir Ris Town Park

PIAI Plaza 633A Pasir Ris Drive 3, 511633(Near Carpark B)

Encounter Weekend

With Pastor Tommy Tenney

Saturday 8 July 7.30pm
Sunday 9 July 11.30am

Tommy Tenney is an American preacher and author, known for being the author of the multimillion-selling The God Chasers series.

He has written over fifty other books and workbooks, including Hadassah: One Night with the King with Mark Andrew Olsen, which was made into a film titled “One Night with the King”, in 2006.

Join us for a powerful word and time of encounter with God!


August Preaching Series

Rooted is a 4-week series to help us grow deep and live strong in our relationship with God. Throughout the month, let us learn 4 principles that will help us thrive and bear fruits in our lives.

6 Aug: Rooted in the Word

13 Aug: Rooted on the Sabbath

20 Aug: Rooted in Prayer

27 Aug: Rooted in Community


In June, three of our members were water baptised and shared their powerful testimonies.
Let’s be encouraged and continue to spread God’s kingdom.

When I was thirteen, boys remarked that I was too fat and made me wondered why I was not skinny enough. At fifteen, I saw how my parents fought and I wondered why I wasn’t good enough to make them stop. Aged sixteen, I didn’t do well for O levels and had to be separated from my friends. I wondered why I wasn’t smart enough. When eighteen arrived, I saw the amazing and wonderful things my friends did in church and I wondered why I wasn’t talented enough.

I have studied in Christian mission schools since young but only truly know God when I attended Harbourlight Church at nineteen years old. Jesus helped me realized then that those past experiences were not God’s plans for me. Had I done better or worse, I would not have met Gabby at Serangoon Junior College and brought to Harbourlight Church. I would also not be standing here today, testifying of God’s goodness.

Since accepting Christ and almost twenty-one years old now, I firmly stand and say that I am enough because Christ-in-me is enough. Although I may still face some challenges today, I know my God has made me an overcomer for He is with me always

- Konstance Lim 20, Zone 2 iGroup 3

I grew up in an environment where I always hear the gospel. I was neither a bad nor an especially outstanding kid. Life was routine i.e. study, take exams, attend tuition - even up to my tertiary years. As I didn't do well in my first year, I was retained and that's how I met and befriended John.

I had always thought I was capable of handling problems until a time where I struggled to cope with the new assignments and project team in school. That’s when I realized I needed God’s help. John invited me to Harborlight Church and I accepted Christ that Sunday.

After accepting Christ, issues and problems still exist but I found new strength and confidence to face them. Jesus blessed and provided for me at instances when I needed Him most. Once, I had some issues with my family and had to move out to live with my uncle, to a new and unfamiliar environment / neighbourhood. Then one day as I was walking to the bus stop to go to church, I bumped into Xiao Han and discovered that she actually lives on the next block. Now, I feel every problem and issues are definitely solvable with Jesus.

- Cavell Lim 22, Zone 2 Igroup 3